Seeing God, Seeing the Devil, Understanding, but only by His will. A real story about meeting God and Jesus.


The world started to get darker as we ran into the struggle of addiction. We both struggled as children so we held on to negative within our bodies and had extreme back pain from not letting go. Painkillers took a hold of us, however not to the death of us. For we both prayed separately to be set free of our addiction and if something else had to be in place of it so be it.

Because we have seen the path of others during our lifetime who have lost everything due to this kind of addiction.
So God sent us a new addiction, this was a medication for ADHD. We both were diagnosed and treated as such and we both became healed from this. I felt we were dependent on them to stay healed.
God entered closer to me than I had ever expected. First he came to me in the darkness of my room while I was still feeling the Holy Spirit, and He filled my bedroom with His holy light and glory.. Jesus flapped his wings of healing above my love and I. (My love was awake, however he did not notice any of this. I was deep in meditation next to him.) But the light of Jesus and God left the room once my lover got up out of bed.

A couple of days later I began feeling the Holy Spirit as I was praying for a miracle and having faith that God truly would perform a miracle at that moment. I was praying for my back to stop hurting and I was told “tuck in the vertebrae like a baby,” I was hit with the Holy Spirit. I started breathing more powerful than I have ever breathed in my entire life. Every inch of my body was filled with this joyfull, warm, “air” and I could feel vibrations and I felt completely at peace because I had never felt so good before.
Later God revealed a demon following my fiance and I, He showed me where it came from that there was more, and how it was “pouring anger into our being.”
The next day God walked with me until night, He taught me His works, He showed me how he prepared my fiance to guide me, that my lover was my guardian angel meant to guide me to Him (God). He walked me through parts of my fiance’s life that was hidden to my fiance’s knowledge, but that was designed to put up with me and guide me. God lovingly disciplined me and showed me hurtful things I have said, so that I would start showing my guardian the love he deserves all the time and that him being human that too in fact every human being has to overcome demons/the Devil/Satan in their life. That everyone must be forgiven because there are invisible forces involved. The power to protect us is God, He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit, every one of us.
He continued to show me His works that day regarding human, animal and plant life. Symbols, colors and beyond, my son who was 5 said He saw God twice that day. When I asked where the first time my son pointed and said,” above the shed.” When I looked he said ” Wait now he is over there look! Above that really tall tree!” And I saw Him too, in all His Glory and commented to my son that he was truly gifted.
The second time my son said He was right behind me, and my son told me He said that the garden was beautiful. ( I did not hear God say this about the garden, only my son heard this.)

And when it started to become dark outside and God was speaking to me, I became frightened. Frightened because reality was so simple when I thought it was so complex.

That I felt I was going to ascend and that I was going to die, I thought this because I didn’t understand why He would show me these things and still allow me to live to talk about it.

and he was also showing me what it would be like to walk among my fiance and son without them being able to hear me and see me as if I was a ghost. (What happens to some who have unfinished business when dying, like a demon, but only a lost human full of selfishness and blame, trying to guide their loved ones from a humanly intangible realm guiding them until God says they are finished and sends him to His will.)

So I thought that He was telling me it was my time, and that I had already died, but then I came back to the realm of where my loved ones could still hear me. I apologized, and explained my awakening and said I will show through my actions I have changed for the better. (Although there was no need for this in my loved ones eyes, but for me to stop being so hard on myself.)
Once I stopped and told myself I can’t listen to God anymore right now, for I am afraid I am going to die and I don’t want to leave my family yet, first I have to fix what has been shewn to me before ascending surely.

It was at this time I watched the demon enter into my love, and he began to talk to me, for my lover did not know, but I knew because God allowed me to see it enter. My fiance then suggested we should take all of our medication and never do it again.

As I stared I watched God enter into him and then he said, “Or we should flush them.” Then God showed me through my mind, that if we stayed on our medication this demon would kill my fiance by unintentional suicide, he also showed me my possible two fates along the path if I continued.

I was filled with terror and shouted, “We have to flush them right now!” I watched both the demon and God flash inside of my man’s pupils, I remembered what God had taught me, and that what I said was forceful, and God does not want humans to be moved by forceful words but by their own freewill.
With fear I did what only God had taught me to do hours before and that was to ask and allow the person to make their own choice. So I asked my love, “I mean, do you want to flush them?” At that time God and the demon both exited my fiances body and he was talking by himself. He reasoned that he thought about it earlier that day, but was afraid I would not want to stop and did not want to stop the medication if I was not going to also. I agreed that I too wanted to stop.

So we were in agreeance, and watched many pills fall down the toilet and be flushed.But then they were gone. We loved eachother all night and I held on tight to him and my son before going to sleep.
Awaking the next day free from medication, I felt as if I was being watched, as a student being watched by a teacher. The teacher hoping that their educating had been firmly instilled in the student’s mind. Slowly I began to feel the Holy Spirit again, which I rejoice greatly for.
A day or two after all of this He appeared to me in the sky, He told me to take his right hand and fulfill the prophecy. I held out my hands and he grabbed my right hand with His right “hand”. After this I started to ask him permission for everything, to make sure what I was doing was in line with His will, and I asked Him to advise me in what action I should take to do His will.
He sent me on missions to assist the poor. To plant the seed of His word, with those in faith, wavering faith, with those in little faith and no faith.
He sent me with my own possessions and encouraged me to give them to the poor who needed more than I, for I have God, and I valued these things too much in His eyes, and so He lead me to give to those in need, and those in need were filled with love and joy and hope for God when they received the little I had to offer.

Another time God came to me, I entered through a tunnel of light in my mind, eyes open. There was God in the room the tunnel became Him. I cannot describe the way he appeared because I am human and He is not. But what is describable by little me was the bright white light. And the images surrounding Him and within Him were many. So He stood before me, and my mind was too noisy and too excited to see Him, I could not quiet down. He forgave me though and came closer to hold my hands. I felt His Glory and power touching my hands, which I cannot describe. But He was pulling me so very gently, so I stood thinking He wanted me to stand. But He was gone, and so was His Glorious energy that was filling the room. So I sat, and I waited and back again He was. I gazed at Him and thanked Him over and over in my mind and heart and basked in His warmth.

Please do not be afraid to ask questions, for there are many things that I can not write about now. And many details that would be too much to cover. I put my story out there, for it is not over now, but to inspire and give glory and praise to Him. Because He wants everyone with Him. I am in no way special, I have accepted the gift. I am thankful for the undeserved kindness from God. Most of all, He wants everyone to be as close, or closer to Him. So we can greet the newness of life He wants to equip us with. 

God is truth

John 5:31 “If I alone bear witness about myself, my witness is not true. 32 There is another who bears witness about me, and I know that the witness he bears about me is true.”

This is powerful because it speaks from a human perspective. The thoughts we think about our selves is never accurate. We are our own worst judge. But God judges us accurately. Since He knows us completely. He is all of our witness.

But sometimes a man might judge us, whether the judgement be positive or negative. It is not true unless it came through that man from God, because God is the true witness.

“34 However I do not accept witness from man. But I say these things so that you may be saved.”

Talking with God

The brain does not recognize “I” and “you.” So when you say something about another person your brain thinks you are saying that about yourself. And vice-versa. It is important, to speak good unto others and about yourself. However, why do we need to speak of ourselves when we could speak of God? When you stop getting caught up in your own emotions, you will realize that the people surrounding you are struggling the same if not more. When you help one person it creates a domino effect. Helping can be simply listening. And when you listen to someone you may save their life, and if you interpret their words and apply it to something you have been asking yourself, you might find the answers you have been looking for. When you listen, interpret and understand, you might realize that you just had a conversation with God.

“For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

Mathew 10:20 is powerful in the sense that the Holy Spirit speaks to us all, through each other.

John 16:13-16:14

13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you.


When you listen and hear things and really understand them in the sense they are delivered to you. You will be made new.

Matthew 4:4

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”


If you live your life by God’s word, instead of your own desires, He will make your path straight. The path leading to where He wants you to be, that is His Kingdom, because you are loved.

John 10:2

And He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest.”

God has an abundance of fulfillment waiting for us. The gift of His fruit, in a spiritual sense the harvest and the fruit represent the well-being we all can feel of overwhelming contentedness,  the gift of His Holy Spirit and entering His Kingdom.

We are the lamb and the ignored cornerstone.

The house represents the human body. When we meet someone we hope to fill them with peace, the peace that we feel given to us through God.

If your peace falls of deaf ears and blind eyes, that energy does not go to waste, it returns to you.

To everyone’s house give the same ear you would want to be given to yourself. You can truly heal and atone a person’s life.

We fallen human beings are God’s hands and feet on this earth. We have to help those who are lost in darkness. We bare the brightest light inside of us. God is that light and let us not be afraid to shine it on, through God’s will.