A poem from God.

When you are blind you will miss me.

When I am God.

I have the way.

I would like company, what do you say?

When you are deaf you will miss me.

When I am God.

I have sights and views to deliver.

Slight chills and thrillers.

Specially made for you.

Because I am God.


God sang this poem. You will miss Him by overlooking, you will not hear him from ignoring. Look and listen twice and keep in mind, every moment is made special for you by Him.


What time is set for you? Are you centered on the now or frequenting in your past? Do you really know what the future holds? So why worry and penalize your future by thoughts before living it?

Ps 139:7 Where can I go from your Spirit?
    Where can I flee from your presence?

Restraint on the meandering mind. In the presence of the One whom we seek all becomes defined in a moment’s time. Being present and allowing our future into God’s hands will help to narrow our path. The time is now, is it not?


Many possibilities|One possibility

God knows everything. The past and the future, our hopes and dreams, joys and pains. He knows where He wants to take you, and it is a place of joy and peace. If you focus on the one possibility that is within God. His one righteous path and seek that one, you will arrive at your God-given destination. However to travel two paths at one time is causing a distraction. It says in the bible you can not work for two masters for you will love one more than the other. In the same sense you cannot travel two paths for you will liken one more than the other and cause destruction and disaster in the path you abandoned. Or you will find yourself in a quagmire.

God knows where to find your true happiness. Are you willing to give up control and focus on the path of light?

Being Aware of Patience with God.

You also must be patient. Keep your hopes high, for the day of the Lord’s coming is near.
(James 5:8)

Patient can sometimes be a very difficult thing to be. God has taught me the importance of patience. When we are moving so fast, we are controlling every moment, forcing things into place faster. When we are controlling, we are not letting God control. God knows the right path for us, He knows how to get us there. It takes him longer when we follow our own impulses and take a different path until we wind up in a messy situation and are praying for God’s help out. By learning to be patient we are also allow God to take control. When God has complete control of our life it becomes good and true.

Just as important as patience, we also need to be prepared. While we wait, God reveals to us the perfect opportunity. We do not know when the opportunity will come to us. It says in Mathew 25:13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” 

While you are waiting, keep watch! You do not know when the day or hour will be that He will reveal the way to you.

God will prompt you before the moment, but you have to be aware to catch his signs.

The more patient you are the faster things happen. The more aware you are, the better God can direct you and you will understand.

God made you perfect

Me: “God? Can you please make my hair curly?”

God: “If I wanted your hair to be curly, don’t you think I would have made it that way?”

God made us who we are for a reason. He made us the way we look for a reason. He made us perfect. Maybe not perfect to the earthly realm, but perfect to Him. Love yourself, because He loves you and His plan for you is perfect.

Timing Toast with God

Earthly humans want everything now. They want instant satisfaction. However God does not always work instantly. He sends signs to prepare you for what He has set for you and when He delivers you must be ready and open to receive. God’s timing is perfect, and lines up perfectly with His plan.

Say your toaster is stuck on one heat setting. When you put the bread in it is being prepared. There is a short window to have the bread perfectly toasted. If you leave the toast in for too long it will get burnt. Do you want perfect toast, or burnt toast? Or if you take the toast out too early (impatience) you get a half-done piece of toast.

You do not want to get in a hurry with God, nor do you want to put off doing His will. You have to be prepared and be ready, for you do not know when the time comes, but you can get ready and do your best for God.

Most importantly you must let go and forgive, because you can not prepare for your next action for God, when you are distracted by things of the past. Live in the moment, do not hold on to negative things. Be in the moment and positive and God will show you the way, and your inner light will brilliantly shine.